Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Neighborhood Street Signs

The neighborhood street signs are up!

The neighborhood street signs were installed last week and our project has now come to fruition. On Monday, December 15, 2014, the City of Tucson sign crew came to install our signs. It has been an inspired project, and many need to be thanked. 

Levi Koenen
Naomi Ortiz & Zachary Coble
Hawaii & Erich Radke
Suzanne Lavergne & Gail Gault
Dusten Scheere
Laura Key
Karen Delay & Bill Sandel
Ke Chiang Hsieh &nd Shigeko Hsieh
Scott & Robert Henning
Darlene Mathews
Karyn Zoldan
Hildy Gottlieb, c/o Resolve, Inc.
Pat Dunkel
Gary & Cheryl Pickrell
Joanne Shay
Pat Dean
Neale Hanke
Evan Cristoforie
Lorriane & Paul Schwartz
Yvonne & Mitch Ross
Jean & Vic Granillo
Dan Morrison
Olivia McNally
Sylvia Yaeger and Becky Cohen
Beth Lester and LeAnn
Mark & Kathleen Higgins
Joyce and Jeff Reed
David and Yissel Salafsky
Joe Sipp
Matt Prince
Zivaz Mexican Bistro
Lucky Wishbone
Wells Fargo
El Con Shoe Repair
Jack in the Box
Encanto Pet Clinic
Pizza Hut
Anna's Linen
The Lost Highway Sign Company
Quik Mart
Crave Coffee 
Beading Divas to the Rescue
Dr. William Daggett
Nadine's Bakery
Poets Square Neighborhood Association


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